[COMPLETED] Changeover for dev.hairtechsrv.com December 23rd, 12:00 AM CST

If you use dev.hairtechsrv.com for anything, such as WordPress theme and plugin updates or scripts, the site will be moving in two parts on December 23rd @ 12:00 AM CST, this move is anticipated to last 1 hour.

Part 1:
WordPress Theme and Plugin updates will be moving from dev.hairtechsrv.com/wp/update/ to hairtechsrv.com/wp-updates, this move is already underway and themes and plugins should be automatically updating to reflect the new URL.

Part 2:
Everything else, such as scripts, will remain at the same address but be moved from the current server to our Linode environment, where we will have more control over the various conditions that we use for testing the scripts, this is completed and awaiting the final changeover.

The only reason we are giving a month’s notice is for those that manually update their WordPress themes and plugins to be able to do so.